CP PDR Tools 12 pc. Technician Tool Set


CP PDR Tools 12 pc. Technician Tool Set

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CP PDR Tools 12pc. Technician tool set brings you 12 of the highest quality, precision tools in the industry.

Kit Includes

004 Door Hook 300mm/11.8” 6mm/.25” Dia

005 Straight Brace Tool 450mm/17.7” 8mm/.3” Dia

010 Special Brace Tool 450mm/17.7” 5mm/.2” Dia

011 Universal J-Rod 450mm/17.7” 7mm/.275 Dia

013 Brace Tool Left 450mm/17.7” 6mm/.25” Dia

014 Brace Tool Right 350mm/13.8” 5mm/.2” Dia

016 Door Hook Right Offset 450mm/17.7” 6mm/.25” Dia

019 Stainless Steel Hail Rod 900mm/35.4” 14mm/.55” Dia

023 Special Hand Tool 100mm/3.9” 7mm/.275” Dia

057 Stainless Steel Interchangeable Tip Rod 750mm/29.5” 12mm/.47” Dia

327 Whale Tail 625mm/24.6” 20mm/.8” Width

907t Adjustable Handle Rod 635mm/25” 10mm/.4” Dia



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