Stuckey LED Battery Operated Dent Light


Stuckey 36″ LED Dent Light with 3 switches and dimmer.

Battery and Charger Included.

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Injection Molded Polycarbonate blend Light Housing and Battery Holder for Extra Strength and Durability. Super Lightweight. Entire Light and Battery weigh an astonishing 2.25 lbs! That’s as much as some power tool batteries. Exclusive Push N Use Battery Holder. Simply Push the Battery into the Protective Holder and Use. Newest Battery technology. Battery lasts 60% longer than previous batteries. Gets 7+ hours with 36 inches of LEDs. Still weighing an unbelievable 7 ounces! Smallest, Lightest, and Longest lasting battery of its size. Special Lens Specifically made for diffusing LEDs. Ergonomic Battery Holder designed for One Handed operation of suction cup. One of a Kind Dual Mounting Positions. Center mount or End mount. Completely Internal Wiring with 360 rotation without the need for a “slip ring” device. Recessed Control panel with up to 3 switches and dimmer.

Weight 7 lbs

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