Pullmaster Slide Hammer


The brand new B & D Tools PULLMASTER Slide Hammer!!!

Introducing the brand new B & D Tools PULLMASTER Slide Hammer!!!  Hands down the finest made and engineered slide hammer on the market. From the moment you make your first pull you will fall in love with it!!

The first 4-way adjustable slide hammer ever made:

  • With just a quick twist of the collar, the pull head adjusts from a standard head to a smooth pass-thru and back again. Yep that’s 2…..
  • 3rd- with another small adjustment you can rotate the shaft into the pull head allowing you to lock a tab in place for use with Glexo or other cold glues, making sure the tab doesn’t fall and contaminate the glue.
  • 4th-In it’s normal configuration, the way it’s sold the Pullmaster comes with one 1lbs removable weight included, however, it is designed for you to be able to stack of as many additional weights as you need for those monster body shop/collision hits we are all doing these days.
  • Weight of Pullmaster 3.4lbs
  • Weight of Pullmaster w/the 1 included weight 4.4lbs
Weight 5 lbs

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